Portfolio Redesign – 2017


Goal: Combine sustainable code and minimal UI with a focus on content, readability, and performance.

Today I’m relaunching my website! I’m still in the process of cleaning everything up but I am happy with the current state. My development process has changed significantly since my last redesign so I wanted to start this project from the ground up.

What’s exciting

Focused on the projects. I wanted to cut down on clicks and visual clutter to make it easier to to learn about my design process and also with the addition o case studies.

Improved site performance. My previous portfolio was a static site but I wanted to give WordPress another try, but this time using Timber. Timber is a WordPress plugin that allows you to abstract PHP from templating language resulting in easier to read, more maintainable code that is built to scale – oh and it makes working with PHP fun again. Timber makes use of Twig, a PHP templating language. All theme files are neatly structured and organized. Content is neatly structured and easily manipulated via Advanced Custom Fields.

Re-imagined the site experience. I’ve added a blog! I now have a new home for a lot of content I previously had not posted online. There’s a new navigation that does not rely on any JS, and is 100% CSS driven.

Tech bits:

  • Timber for templating
  • Gulp for front-end tooling.
  • Running Cloudflare, hosted on WebFaction.
  • Code is minified, and concatenated for optimal delivery
  • SSL implemented for increased site security
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