Establishing Brand Perceptions with Clients


Effective brand recognition is a powerful marketing tool. Branding helps users to integrate their perceptions about a product at every touchpoint and builds a personal identification with the brand.

Branding at its most basic function, is a utility that allows us to differentiate products from one another but when we look beyond this basic function, we come to understand it as a mechanism that drives product experiences — both felt and perceived.  In satisfying the aesthetic, functional, and emotional needs of the user/consumer, a brand can strengthen perceptions, build loyalty and hopefully enrich lives along the way.

One method I’ve found helpful in establishing brand signals I learned from a former coworker, Scott McCreedy. Whenever kicking off a new design project, we asked clients a series of 10 questions designed to quickly gauge perceptions, and establish expectations on brand perceptions.

Exercise Questions

1. Traditional or modern?
2. Upscale or approachable?
3. Bright or muted?
4. What verb would best describe your business?
5. What geometric shape describes your business?
6. Male or female touch?
7. What emotional response comes to mind?
8. Is your brand or product friendly or corporate?
9. What object does your business represent?
10. Is your brand or product warm or cool?


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