Automating WordPress Plugin installation and management


Save time and automate your plugin management process with this simple management tool.

When an opportunity arises to reduce the time it takes to setup and provision a site, I’m all for it. WPCore is a tool that allows you to manage collections of WordPress plugins and then quickly install them on any WordPress site. Over time I have used a number of different plugins for different use cases. With all the available options, it’s easy to lose track. I’ve created collections for frequently used WordPress plugins that have served me well on various projects I’ve worked on.

After installing the WPCore plugin, WordPress plugin collections can be individually installed or as a batch. I’ve broken out my collections by use-cases and named them accordingly for quick reference. Simply, input the collection code into the plugin and it pulls down the latest version of each plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. I’ve listed my plugin collections below for anyone interested.

WPCore Collection Keys

Always InstalljNVKjJ1zAZZ3zTcvDt6A
Swiss army knife

Awesome ACF8HYj0I2zDjnmN3lA6jWl
A collection of WordPress plugins I almost always use on every site I develop.

Blog Roids62QNPU12n4kySZhAnIyC
A collection of WordPress plugins I to enhance your blogging experience.

WordPress plugins to make site migrations more streamlined.

Keep unwanted bots and those with malicious intent away.

Collection of plugins that help with switching between environments

Timber related plugins for increased pump.

Useful For Clients69P73eeCOcoPo4aQ4hn9
Developer tested, client approved

WordPress DevelopmentCTHXSXn4mIKWJeqwxAil
General use plugins I find useful

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