Extensive user research and usability testing led to the largest website redesign in company history. This project supported Suncoast’s strategic goal of moving from a transactional company to a relationship-based company.

User Research
Heuristic evaluation
Recruiting of study participants
Semi-structured interviews30 mins
Usability testing sessions30 mins
Transcription of interviews
Thematic analysis of transcriptions
Analysis of recorded usability sessions
Findings presentation to SCU

Study Outline

This usability study consisted of three methods which were applied to evaluate the effectiveness of the website interface, the customer experience it provides, and whether it matches the way users think about navigating their bank online.

  1. Heuristic evaluation – The site is evaluated against a set of heuristics and given a score. Whilst this may seem subjective, the majority of usability issues can be identified in up to five evaluations.
  2. Semi-structured interviews – These were conducted in order to understand the users habits when navigating the website and accessing online banking.
  3. Usability testing – During the tests users were given a set of tasks to complete using a developed prototype. While performing these tasks they were asked to think aloud and describe their experience.


  • Great use of photography
  • Member login easy to find to access online banking
  • Easy to find content with fixed mega-menu primary menu
  • Blog content relevant and useful

Room for Improvement

  • Many users were using the browser navigation buttons to navigate between pages.
    • Add breadcrumb navigation and highlight current page. Also add cursor pointer for logo link to return to homepage.
  • Tables with expanded information are not easily found.
    • Add state icons to reflect that more content is available
  • ATM Locator Improvements

    • When selecting 1 ATM only show 1 marker
    • When viewing ATM list geo-locate results by only showing ATMs which appear on local radius listing
    • Add marker to show ATM’s that do not work or are currently undergoing maintenance.
  • Membership Eligibility
    • Allow users to see eligibility before registering
    • Filter eligibility based on specific criteria. Only show relevant results based upon information selected.
  • System status
    • Notify users on-click of all external links that they are leaving a secure environment.

Final Report