Site Features

The above research was also synthesized to develop a persona. This was primarily used to ensure that I was on the same page as the client when it came to defining the target audience. Below is an example of one of the persona’s used in the project.

Design Objectives

Once I was clear with user behaviours, I outlined project scope based on client needs and research results:

  1. Create a platform for informal but professional dialogue in the form of question and answers.
  2. Design an easy to use content development page that will be used to create and share content (like projects, blog posts, job openings, company profiles etc.)


Low fidelity sketches, notes and scribbles together formed the foundation for wireframe development. At this stage, I started identifying element behaviour and interaction patterns. Task flows were further broken down and local actions are specified. Most of the wireframes were annotated to show links to overall product goals.


Style Guide